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Key Themes Explored

Access to Technology

Access to smartphones and enabling infrastructure at a household and child level

User Sentiment around EdTech Adoption

Caregivers’ attitudes & behaviors towards children’s education and adoption of technology for learning

EdTech Usage

Children’s adoption of technology for learning, the reasons, and experience of using it


Rationale for State Selection

Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Gujarat Telangana Odisha Mizoram icon
Internet Penetration* State Population Categories**
Large (>=7%) Medium (4-7%) Small (<4%)
Internet Penetration >70% Tamil Nadu Telangana
Karnataka Himachal Pradesh
Gujarat Punjab
Andhra Pradesh Kerala
Internet Penetration <70% Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Assam
Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Odisha
Bihar Haryana
West Bengal Mizoram

*based on findings from Telecom Statistics of India 2020

**based on Indian Census 2011 data

Access Survey Datasets

We hope everyone accessing the datasets, including policymakers, tech innovators, practitioners, researchers, and funders, find this data useful and informative. The aim is not only to encourage data-backed dialog but also to take necessary action toward democratizing the access and use of technology for learning.